Portrait d’Igor Hosnedl

It is more comfortable like this.
You could be there.
If I feel comfortable with the colors, I will finish it this way.
The touch of green will finish the composition.

I was asking myself if I could do a straight line.
It’s still like a sketch.
It’s still in the process.
I don’t want to close the painting.
I can feel like a very old printing machine.
I didn’t want to overwork it.
It couldn’t have possibly work in a gallery.

I just put two things on the floor and sit a painting in there.
I wanna go to this interior very gently.
It is exactly the place I wanna use.
The systems gonna guide you into the painting anyway, so.
I was asked to do an exhibition online.
I could destroy the lightness.
I didn’t take them because they are bigger.

The decision was to put them in the middle of the space.
I’m not.
I’m not just a painter when I’m thinking with myself.
Some kind of typography things.
How a letter help me to build a composition.
You can follow the systems.
I wanna play more with myself.
I’m gonna enjoy it a lot.
Yes I wanna take a picture in this way.

This is my dream gallery.
I open the window.

Publié à l’occasion du Special feature d’Igor Hosnedl pour Artviewer